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The Project: Dossier

Taiko Film is a documentary that introduces us to the enthralling world of Japanese Taiko. We will learn about its origins, history and evolution throughout centuries, its many applications and styles, its expansion to the world and its influence in modern culture, both Eastern and Western.

The documentary will include interviews to relevant taiko figures, as well as other personalities related to this artistic discipline, and performances of several groups and styles.

Taiko Project

There won’t be a narrator. The story will be told by images and interviews. Music will be crucial and varied throughout the film, it will strengthen the conclusions of our research. Special emphasis will be placed on Taiko performances, so that taiko lovers as well as beginners enjoy them. Likewise, Japanese culture and music will hold special significance.

Technically, the documentary will be dynamic. Film Directing, classic and straightforward, will contrast with musical parts, more adventurous, some of them recorded in a way never done before. Film Editing will be minimal and straightforward, focusing specially on the human side (people), Nature and music. We will use different formats: video, animation, archive images, photograps, drawings, historical engravings.

El Proyecto Taiko

The project will be an ode to Music in general, and to taiko in particular. A praise for music’s best qualities through an instrument with a sound so basic but capable of transmitting/ sharing emotions, bringing people together and promoting dialogue.

  • GENDER: Documentary
  • FORMAT: HD- 16:9- Color.
  • SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Japan – United States – Spain – England
  • RUNNING TIME: 110 minutes or 2 56-minute episodes
  • LANGUAGE: Original version with subtitles in English/ Spanish/ Japanese